An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, Licensed Under Delhi Security Agencies (Regulation) Rules 2009

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Enthusiastic and Committed Young Group of Security Officers

We Provide State-of-art Security Products and Services

  • General Housekeeping and Guard Services

    Expert team of guards and housekeeping boys and girls

  • Armed Security Guards

    Protect your business and residence with armed guards

  • Executive Security Services

    Safeguard high profile executives, VIPs’ and Celebrities

  • Lady Bouncers and Bodyguards

    Devoted Trained Lady Bouncers for Special Protection

Why Secura Security? Here are Some Points to Remember!

Before giving details on why to choose Secura Security service Delhi, We need to discuss some points, because the demand for personal security officers or security guards in Delhi is in an all time higher extent because of the increased insecure environment prevailing in the capital city. Not only capital city but also nearby places like Gurgaon, Noida NCR are also in the list where every celebrity in their circle needs the armed or unarmed personal security guards. And if an event is considered, to control and co ordinate the crowd or the visitors gathered, event security is one matter that is to be arranged first.

Select the Security that Can Protect You Securely!

Secura Security Guards, Body Guards, Personal Security Officers and any security group provided according to the demand or enquiry are all well trained and professional. The statement that demands to select security that can protect you securely may seemed controversial, but is one main fact to remember and taken care of. Why?

Even though is professionally called as body guards, personal security officers, security guards, the security personalities is also human beings, who will act and react accordingly. So before selecting armed or unarmed security guards for protection just think one think, even the security guard can turn threaten for you. Anyone can bribe, threaten or even hijack your personal security with any kind of offering which may create a life threaten to you itself and thus comes the scenario in which the highly anticipated security itself will turn the life disaster for you. Here comes the relevance of security guards, provided by the Secura Security, who are guaranteed for being the life time security that you aspire for sure.

Specialties of Security Guards by Secura Security

Well Trained and Experienced: All our Security officers and guards are the ones who is well trained and extracted from professions like army, NSG, CRPF and many others

Detective Services: We offers Detective Services, Guarding Services and more. Our well dedicated detective team can helps you to resolve all critical issues.

Recognized Female Staff: Secura offers team of well expereinced female security guards for public security in various places like Malls, PVR's, School and more.

Event Security? Personal Security? Body Guards in Delhi? Ask Us!

Total Security Service is what Secura Security offers, let it be House Security, business Security or Project Security , if it is Delhi, then We are the one you can trust.